Producer Agreement Form

All Milton Access Television program producers must review and submit the Producer Agreement before any program can be created or aired. Please take your time to read, complete and submit the form below.


1. I have read and am thoroughly familiar with the contents of the MPEG-TV operating rules.

2. As the program producer, I will be responsible for the content of program material to be taped and/or cablecast by me and agree that such program material will not include:

a. any obscene or profane material;
b. any lottery or lottery information;
d. any direct or indirect solicitation of money, except where exempted under these rules;
e. any material which constitutes libel, slander, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, violation of trademark or copyright, or which might violate any local, state or federal law.

3. I acknowledge that the producer is responsible for obtaining all approvals, clearances, licenses, etc. for the use of those program materials; including, but not limited to, approvals by broadcast stations, networks, sponsors, music licensing organizations, copyright owners, performer’s representatives, persons appearing in the program material and any other approvals that might be necessary in order to cablecast the program on MPEG-TV.

4. I indemnify and hold MPEG harmless against any claims arising out of any use of the program material that I cablecast or any breach of this Access User Agreement; including, but not limited to, any claims in the nature of libel, slander, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, noncompliance with applicable laws and unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

5. I agree that I shall not represent myself or any other person involved in programming as an employee, representative, or agent of MPEG, unless specifically authorized by MPEG to do so.

6. I understand that I may be liable for the costs of any repair or replacement of equipment or materials resulting from damage beyond reasonable wear and tear through normal use, misuse, or theft while such equipment or materials are in my possession or control. I understand the penalties that apply if equipment or materials are not returned on time. I also indemnify MPEG against any damage or liability incurred while using the equipment.

7. I shall not use MPEG channels, equipment, or facilities for any financial gain or other commercial purposes. I understand that programming produced with MPEG’s equipment or facilities shall be for the benefit of the community.

8. I understand that violation of the terms of this statement is grounds for forfeiture of the right to use MPEG equipment, facilities or channel time.

9. I have been instructed on how the access equipment I am borrowing is to be safely handled, including the storage and lifting of it in and out of my vehicle and/or dwelling.

12 + 10 =

(By typing my name above, I hereby attest that I have read and understood all information in the form, and filled it out truthfully and accurately to the best of my knowledge. This shall serve as my own signature.)