Our Coverage of Milton’s Town Government

Protecting government transparency

Government accountability requires people to pay attention. With our cameras and microphones broadcasting and recording meetings of local officials, residents are able to keep tabs on what their government is doing, even while they go about living their busy personal lives.


We cover meetings as they happen, unedited, to insure complete transparency.

We also provide services like closed captioning and live streaming, as well as adding in time-coded agenda items to our posted recordings, so that meetings are more accessible and convenient to eveyone.


Searchable Archive

Every meeting we cover goes up on our YouTube page, and stays there for months if not years. You can search by the name of the board, or by date.

Even if there are too many meetings happening in one night to air them all live, we’ll put it up online after recording it so that you will have access.


Major Boards and Committees

We cover all meetings of the most senior-ranking boards and committees in town, while covering others whenever we can.

We cover all meetings of the Select Board, School Committee, Planning Board, Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, and all Annual and Special Town Meetings.

Upcoming Public Meetings

You can see what meetings Milton’s town government has coming up by clicking here.


Assisting Communication

We also partner with government officials to keep citizens informed. Public health updates, PSAs, and other messages from officials regularly go out on our airwaves.