The last Mass Access Meet and Greet was held on Wednesday, October 4th, at Amherst Community Media. Topics discussed were contract renewals, alternative sources of revenue, and an open discussion amongst the attendees.
The cable industry is changing. With more and more options being made available to watch TV and movies online, many consumers are shifting away from their traditional cable service.
Why does that matter to us? It’s because local access programming is primarily viewed on a TV from a local cable box. Unlike Milton, many stations throughout the country do not have their content readily available online. And if they do, its not through the cable provider, and is not easy accessible to viewers.
Cable companies fund local access stations. The fewer cable subscribers there are in a town, the less funding a local access station receives.
Milton Access TV needs your help! Write to your local and state representatives. Tell them how much local access means to you. Every little bit helps! You may also send your letters of support to and we will forward them to the right representative.