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Save Public Access TV!

The FCC is considering a rule change that threatens to wipe out funding for public access TV stations.

Check out these two videos to get the basics, and then sign the petition to tell the FCC to stop!

Sign the Petition to Congress to Stop the FCC!

The fight is still on to save Public Access Television!

The funding for Public Access TV stations, also known as PEG centers, is under an existential threat.

The FCC is proposing to redefine what a “franchise fee” is – and that change will radically reduce the level of monetary support available to run PEG access channels across the United States, including us here at Milton Access TV.

PEG access channels provide government coverage that allows transparency so citizens can monitor local government actions – something vital to the health of local democracy. PEG access channels also provide local content in communities produced by local residents. PEG channels are vital to a community, and if the FCC is successful in their rule making, PEG stations may no longer be in existence. 

Congress should stop the FCC from trying to re-write the 1984 Cable Act to financially starve local communities and our PEG channels in its rule-making (Docket NR 05-311).

We urge you to please follow the link below to send a petition to your local U.S. Congressional Representative.


Want more information about the proposed rule change?

Watch this short video highlight of U.S. Senator Ed Markey’s April 1 press conference at the Massachusetts State House declaring united support for fighting the proposed FCC rule change.

Watch the press conference in its entirety here.

For more detailed information, check out the following links to articles, information pages and legal filings regarding the proposed FCC rule change.


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