Have you ever wondered why you can’t set your DVR device to record something on the Milton Access TV channels? Or you can’t easily see what programs are coming up next via the electronic programming guide?
Well that is because cable companies are not required to give local public, education, and government access stations access to the electronic programming guide.
Mass Access, an organization that we belong to that advocates for community media in Massachusetts, is pursuing legislation to make this a requirement. But they need your help!
There is a rumor that no one watches public access TV, which we know is not true! Therefore, we are asking that you write letters of support for public access stations, and the need for public access stations to appear in the electronic programming guide.
Please submit your letters to info@miltonaccesstv.org, or mail them to Milton Access TV, P.O. Box 362, Milton, MA 02186 so that we may send these letters of support to the local legislators working tirelessly to get this legislation passed.
You can learn more about Mass Access by clicking here.