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The Milton Garden Path

Horticultural expert and garden explorer Christine Paxhia takes on all there is to know about local plant-life.

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Steppin’ Up to the Plate

Boston Globe sports editor Michael Vega brings you the inside story on Milton sports, as well as the pro and college teams you know and love.

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Art & Life

Lifelong artist Beth Neville teaches the art of painting, through many techniques and subjects, all while having a good time.

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Acting Up with Mel & Gigi Giraffe

Wacky fun from a smart-talking giraffe, and her Pal Mel Gillespie, this one is a kids show that’s all about confidence-boosting.

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Super Tuesday: Talk TV into Action

Civil rights activist and campaign veteran Ron Bell brings politically plugged-in guests to talk race, government and current events.

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It’s All Write with Suzette

Nationally syndicated columnist Suzette Martinez Standring talks shop about the craft of writing with a wide range of well-read authors.

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Stories form the Story Hat

MPL children’s librarian Elaine Weischedel tells classic, but often lesser-known stories, all off the top of her head. Amazing!

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Reel Talk

All types of cinema, from theatrical releases to streaming and network TV, goes under Eileen Maher’s microscope.

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Talk of the Town

Man about town Brian Kelley spotlights the fascinating people, places and events from all around Milton.

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Broad Appeal

Entrepreneur and journalist Melissa Fassel Dunn gets the story from women who are doing amazing things on their own terms.

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Healthy Living: Let’s Get Real

General practitioner Dr. Monique Tello gets the real deal from health profession colleagues on how they stay healthy in their own lives.

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